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You have a place for our machines? Get one!

Candy Cloud World machines are the ultimate futuristic trend in the market! 

If you have a space and want one,

check our business models and get one super easy!

1. Choose your Business Model

Our business models allow you to decide how you want to earn.

Cotton Candy

Let us lease your space

We lease your space to put one of our machines for an agreed period of time. You earn from leasing the space plus % of net sales.  

Cotton Candy


You buy the machine and we support to make it a successful business under our brand.

Ideal for shopping malls, stores, festivals, playgrounds, movie theaters or spaces where you want to add a touch of sweet to your customer's day.  

2. Choose your Machine type

3. Send us your request

Request a Machine

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting! We will come back to you.

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